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2023 Trout In the Classroom Student Coloring Contest

We wanted to reach out to our Trout in the Classroom students and any other students interested in Coldwater Conservation. TU works to protect the streams that are important to fish, especially trout.  Celebrate our Fish and Fishing with our theme, “ Native Fish”.


The work should be of a fish, fishes, or fishing.
Drawings, paintings, crayon drawings, and other two dimensional artwork. 3-D  work may also be submitted, such as Sculpey, clay or other materials.


Category A: grades 1-5
Category B : Grades 6-8
This contest is for children within Berks county, Pennsylvania.


Due by March 31: Take a photo or scan the work and use the form below to upload your artwork.

Winners will be announced on April 7, 2023 on the TU FaceBook Page and here on the website. Winners will be notified via email.

We will be having a TIC Event for teachers and students to award the prizes on April 23, 2023 with activities : Macroinvertebrate collection, flies and fly casting instruction.  Light Refreshments will be provided. Tentatively scheduled at the Tully House near Grings Mill.
We look forward to seeing your creations.


Category A ( Gr 1-5)
First Place : $50 gift certificate
Second Place : $35 gift certificate
Third Place: $25 gift certificate
Category B ( Gr. 6-8)
First Place : $50 gift certificate
Second Place : $35 gift certificate
Third Place: $25 gift certificate

2023 Coloring Contest

This email will only be used to contact you if you have won.
How was the artwork created? Pencil, watercolor, paint, etc.
Max. file size: 250 MB.

Trout In the Classroom

Pennsylvania Trout In the Classroom (TIC) is an interdisciplinary program in which students in grades 3-12 learn about coldwater conservation while raising brook trout from eggs to fingerlings in a classroom aquarium.

The Tulpehocken Chapter serves over 30 schools in Berks county, with just a few volunteers. These volunteers go through a state-wide training to help assist teachers and faculty who are participating in the program.

During the year each teacher tailors the program to fit his or her curricular needs. Therefore, each program is unique. TIC has applications in environment and ecology, science, mathematics, social studies, language and fine arts, and physical education. All classrooms end the year by releasing their trout into a state-approved waterway. Pennsylvania’s statewide TIC program is made possible through a unique partnership between Pennsylvania Council of Trout Unlimited (PATU) and the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC). This partnership provides curriculum resources, workshops for teachers and program partners, technical support, brook trout eggs and food, and grants. The Pennsylvania Department of Education’s (PDE) department of Environment and Ecology is also a supporter of the program through funding and curriculum assistance.

Program Overview: An interdisciplinary program that introduces coldwater conservation education in Pennsylvania schools by raising brook trout, a native coldwater species, from eggs to fingerlings. Local Schools : Hamburg Area High School, Oley Valley High School and Robeson Elementary School

PATU Rivers Conservation and Fly Fishing Youth Camp

 The Original Trout Unlimited Youth Camp
There are many key components to preserving and healing our coldwater resources. At the camp, students are exposed to the challenges and the rewards that protecting these fragile ecosystems can produce. Between the in-depthithat they receive from experts in various environmental fields and the hands-on they complete on the stream, the students will understand the importance of their continued involvement in coldwater conservation. Of the many benefits that coldwater conservation provides, the primary one enjoyed by students of the camp is usually fly fishing. As the camp is located on the famous catch and release stretch of Yellow Breeches Creek in South Central Pennsylvania, the students have daily opportunities to try and fool these clever trout in a beautiful environment. They can also put into practice some of the many techniques that they will learn from the accomplished fishermen (& women) that come in as instructors.

Teach a Kid to Fish

Education Chair, Ed Ulmer assists a youngster with her catch of the day.

This program originates in 2012, where members of Tulpehocken Charter of Trout Unlimited partnered with Reading’s Opportunity House and took inner-city kids from ages 5 to 12 , fishing at French Creek State Park. In most instances this was the first time the kids went fishing. Most of them caught at least one fish, but all had new “fish stories”. Over the course of the summer TCTU members took over 40 kids fishing. The members are looking forward to next summer when more kids will enjoy their first catch.